Ready-To-Wear The Future Overview

As we contemplate how to manage a tsunami of data, wearable devices are rendering technology invisible. Smaller, faster computers and microchips, tracking and measuring metrics in real-time are revolutionizing how we connect with the world.

Fashion-forward designs, developed to crunch and interpret the numbers faster than we are able to collect them, are analyzing biometrics through everything, from our eyewear to our underwear.

The wearable computing market is expected to hit $19 billion by 2018. And it’s no surprise that our co-evolution with technology is becoming the bridge between mobile communication and the Internet of Things.

Data’s ubiquity – whether push, pull or ambient – can be harnessed for efficiency, knowledge, and utility. This enables us to reframe the least renewable of all elements, time itself.

The Internet of Everything and The Quantified Self

By 2020, analysts predict that we’ll be digitally connected to everything around us. Microchips, sensors, and batteries are shifting devices from our desks, out of our hands and pockets, onto our bodies.

The ongoing capture and analysis of data enhances our self-knowledge, informing The Quantified Self, and drives The Internet of Everything, an evolving digital ecosystem. In the future objects will receive data and respond seamlessly …the refrigerator that delivers a glass of water based on your hydration level; rooms that self-control their energy output based on who is in them; locks that open as you approach, and smart slippers that detect a fall.

In this shifting paradigm of the observer and the observed, traditional industry verticals, such as health telecommunications, automotive, and entertainment will merge into cross-functional, user-centric innovations.

Author Jeremy Rifkin describes this change as the powerful Third Industrial Revolution. People, machines and every aspect of our work and social lives are connected by big data, advanced analytics and predictive algorithms. If we stay on track, we are headed towards economies powering smarter cities, efficient business, streamlined manufacturing, and renewable energy sources. It began with the Internet and continues with the promise of our wearable future, realized by some of the following innovations.

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